Friday, June 11, 2010

Graduation Date

Yes! No more school!

Today, June 11th, was the last day of the school year for 2009-2010 and there was a graduating class of four eighth graders: Julian F., Julien G., Irene T. (Me), and Brigette W. As I have posted before, each graduate is going to a different high school. Julian is going to attend The Marin School, Julien is going to attend Sacred Heart Cathedral, I will be attending Oceana High, and Brigette will be attenting School of the Arts.

At the graduation ceremony, Brigette, the school's valedictorian, gave a speech to fellow Hillwood teachers, parents, and students. Following that, the eighth grade and kindergarten graduates got their diplomas. Hillwood School Foundation also awarded three studious students incentive awards: the $200 award goes to Brigette for being valedictorian, the $50 award goes to Zack for being the best in Language, and the $50 award goes to me, Irene, for being the best in Mathematics.

I wish the best to all the graduates: Whichever high school you go to, you all will end up very successful and very good. Go Hillwood's Class of 2010!! I'll miss all of you!

Captions: Above, eighth grade graduates Irene and Brigette are happy to be getting out of school. Right, all four graduates are happy to be together for the last time (well, some haha)

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