Thursday, June 24, 2010

7 Fun Things To Do!

Hey Herald readers! Summer is the time that most kids look forwards to. No school, sleeping in, and activities; two months long! But, summer can also become boring. With no fixed schedule and finishing all the cookies in the house, here are ten things that anyone can do when boredom arrives!

1. Help with chores Yes, I know chores aren't exciting but at least it takes up time. It also counts as exercising since you're stretching to wash under the car and walking to vacuum the rug. To make time go faster with chores, listen to music to dance while wiping the tables!

2. Read a book Read more to learn more! It builds vocabulary and enhances the brain to imagine the scenes. Some good books to read this summer are: Stargirl, Oh.My.God., and The Ghost's Grave. If you don't have one already, sign up for a library card.

3. Go Bowling Bowling is indoors, fun, and a sport. Brush up your skills with friends or family. Who know? Maybe by the end of summer, you'll be a bowling champ at your school!

4. Volunteer Volunteering is a major opportunity to consider in the summer. Not only will it look good on high school/college applications, it's also a way to give back and help out your community. You can accompany elderly at a senior home or talk to sick kids at a hospital or even help out at a museum. It might not seem a lot but your presence will be appreciated.
5. Try a new thing You never know if you'll like something or not if you don't try it. Whether it be a new food or sport, the possibilities are endless! If you feel nervous by yourself, grab a friend with you!

6. Get a job Rake up some cash this summer! If you're old enough, baby-sitting is definitely a possible job. Kids are home during the summer, parents need to go to work, this is where you come in as a baby-sitter! If you're not old enouugh, you can also make money by being a mother's helper. Same thing as a baby-sitter, just not by yourself. Other ideas include: a lemonade stand, chores for parents, and selling candy to your friends. (not during school!!!)

7. Take a sport Sports are fun and challenging. Most people see sports as just a physical game but some such as football and basketball all require some sort of math skills to strategize the gameplay. Also, taking a sport will also help keep you active during these non-school month! Some sports to try: Tennis, basketball, softball, soccer, swimming, volleyball, and ice sakting

Have fun everyone! I hoped I blew away some boredom issues for you!

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