Friday, May 28, 2010

What Students Need to Know About Facebook

Facebook isn't necessarily a safe hangout for students. But when the privacy settings are set the right way, it can be perfectly harmless — yet, you still have to be careful.

Whatever you post on Facebook is bound to be seen by some kind of authority, whether it be a prospective hiring company or a university choosing you for a future student. Thus, you'll always want to be careful with what you share on the web. Raunchy photos, inappropriate word content, or ugly gossip will lead to non-promising auditions — or worse. Click to watch this video, which explains what can happen if you are not cautious and forward-thinking in your actions.

Example Situation: You just applied for a job at a top-notch company in New York. You went in for the interview, dressed appropriately, and used scholarly vocabulary. The employer assures you that you will be hired shortly. Likely, the company will go on Facebook and accesses your profile. Those late-night photos won't act as a good reputation for you. The wall posts with swear words will lead the employers to think you're a bad example. You're favorite job employer has just rejected your job application in less than five minutes.

But the work world is not the only place or groups of people who will watch and see what you do online — your friends, family, and teachers will also look. What will they think? Prospective high school admission counselors may also look, will they still respect you?

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