Friday, May 14, 2010

U.S. puts hold on drilling permits

The United States has stopped giving permits for drilling the oil out of the Gulf of Mexico.

The workers put out an one hundred ton box, trying to collect most all of the oil, yet only about eighty-five percent of the oil.
Ken Salazar went to the Houston center of BP, which is responsible for getting the oil out of the gulf.

Oil is spilling out into the ocean at five thousand barrels, or two hundred ten thousand gallons daily. The people in charge might be working on Sunday, but they are still debating their schedule.

People say that this job might be the biggest and hardest job involving the Earth. This job hasn't been done or practiced before. Some of the test didn't go well. For example, on April 20th, there was an explosion. Eleven men are missing, and were declared dead on April 27th.

The explosion is expected to last until May 28th. The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill is causing harm to many animals and plants. Endangered sea turtles are fighting for their life. This could be a problem for all the seas if the oil doesn't get out soon.

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