Friday, May 21, 2010

Summer's Almost Here, Everyone!

June at Hillwood is very eventful: International Day, the Graduation/June Party, and the start of Hillwood's Summer Session.

International Day:
International/Heritage Day at Hillwood is always the first Friday of June every year. Students are allowed to come to school in their own cultural clothing, Hawaiian clothing, or uniforms and are encouraged to bring in any kind of dish that relates to their country. The food brought in is served for lunch which is around 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM. Parents were invited too for lunch and were welcome to stay for the June Talent Show which started at 1:30 PM to 2:45 PM.

During the talent show, everyone performed at least twice. Ms. Schmitt, as mentioned before, is the main person in charge of all talent shows. She always has each class sing at least two songs for the talent show. She also holds auditions for students who want to do additional performances. The Spanish teacher, Senorita Lydia, also has students perform brief plays in Spanish to show off our language skills.

Graduation/June Party:
The Graduation/June Party is also known as the last day of school. The party is held for graduating 8th graders and Kindergarteners. Every year, Hillwood's 8th graders get into excellent high schools around the Bay Area.

This fall: Julian will attend Tamalpais High School in Marin, Julien will attend SHCP or Galileo High in San Francisco, Irene will attend Oceana High School in Pacifica, and Brigette will attend School Of The Arts in San Francisco.

The Kindergarten students are also graduating to go to 1st grade - at Hillwood again! The Graduation Party includes the whole school singing 'The Star Spangled Banner', 'Amazing Grace', and the Hillwood Song, the valedictorian (Brigette) giving her speech, and all the graduates receive their diplomas. After the elaborate ritual, all the graduates go to the family room to celebrate with teachers, families, and friends.

Hillwood's Summer Program:
The last two weeks of June is the start of Hillwood's Summer Program. During June and July, going to Hillwood like a summer day camp. Students and other children are allowed to enroll for the summer program and everyday is full of fun activities.

Mrs. Grantz and Ms. Tom lead the children daily: they go to Altal Plaza Park, the library, Moscone Park, Marina Greens, and had picnics. We also went on weekly field trips to the Exploratorium and other museums.

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