Friday, May 14, 2010

Music at Hillwood

Gayle Schmitt was the music teacher at Hillwood for a long time. She sings a lot of songs with the whole school. Gayle sings at the Randall Museum.Gayle mostly sings songs that entertain little children. Sometimes she invites children from Hillwood to come and sing with her at the Randall museum. We sing all sorts of songs with Gayle at music class. Gayle also composes her very own music! At the Randall museum, she mostly sings her own songs. Gayle has her own CD of songs with her singing with her band.

The talent show at our school is a very important event. Gayle is the main person in it. She chooses two songs for each classroom, then she practices, and then she preforms it with each class. We have music books in each class, then we chose a song to sing, and sing it.

Part of this article will appear in the yearbook.

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