Friday, May 7, 2010

Ms. Okamoto Day

Ms. Okamoto Day is about a teacher who worked a Hillwood for 52 years. And she was a very nice and well respected teacher here at Hillwood. She past away a few years ago, and today at Hillwood, we celebrate her on opening day of baseball, because she was a huge Giants fan. And if opening season is not on a school day, we would do it the very next chance that we can get. To celebrate her, we dress up in Giants colors and have a BBQ. For the BBQ, we would eat chicken wings, hot dogs, chips, and juice, and for dessert we usually have apple pie from Costco. I personally was not here at Hillwood while she was teaching here, but I have been told that she was a very good person from our principle, Mr. Grantz, and Ms. Okamoto's daughter.

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