Friday, April 16, 2010

Yearbook Assignments: Irene's Opinions

1. How might you make the world a better place in twenty years?

In twenty years, I will recycle, volunteer at non-profit organizations, and not litter. Something I will do to improve our society is to always walk around with a smile on my face. =)

2. What career - interest area - might you choose? What do you want to be when you grow up?
Choosing a career is still a hard decision for me because I still haven't found something I truly have an interest in. I like reading but I don't really want to consider that as a career because it's just a favorite past time. So, I just want to live to the fullest and find something that is of my interest;maybe even exoeriencing different situations will help me decide on a career. I don't want to major in a course that I don't like but am only following because I feel like I have to. I want to choose a major because I want to learn more about it or that I either enjoy immensely.

3. What are the top-three science stories of the school year?
Throughout the year, the upper-graders went to the Academy of Sciences and watched a video about Bug Reproduction. The movie was in 3-D and detailed about how different types of bugs mate, live, and their life cycle. Around March, the upper-graders started learning about human reproduction and watched a movie called 'The Miracle of Life.' It was an interesting movie that explained the process of an embryo in a woman's womb: how it waas created, its time inside the womb, when it is born. It's a fascinating video and it especially teaches, Do teens want to go through that at their age? Also, throughout the first semester of school, Mrs. Woods, the upper-grader teacher, had all the upper-graders pair up with a partner and do science projects.

4. What are the top three general-interest stories of the school year?
Throughout the school year at Hillwood, there are always these gatherings that takes place annually: Hillwood's Anniversary BBQ at the Grantz's cabin, an all-day Christmas Party with a talent shows, the 4th-8th grade overnight at the Grantz's cabin, and the Graduation/Last Day of School Party. Along with that, Hillwood is adding an annual Walk-a-Thon. (Hillwood students, remember to get sponsors for this year.) There are also various fundraisers that occur throughout the year.

5. What are your top five favorite songs?
Most of my favorite songs are in foreign languages. Those include: Fast Car by Namie Amuro, Gee by SNSD, and Eat You Up by BoA. Others include: Daft Punk Technologic, Party People, and Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

6. What do you like about San Francisco?
San Francisco has a large population of various cultures: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Mexican, Vietnamese, French, Taiwanese, Irish, and Italian. Same with food. There is Chinatown, Japan Town, and Korean markets. Many Mexican, Vietnamese, Taiwanese restaurants along with Irish bars. San Francisco also has many places for hobbies: huge libraries, moutains to ride up on, the zoo for animal lovers, shopping malls, Pier 39, the Golden Gate Bridge, and educational museums. I love how as long as I am in the city, I can find somewhere to go to suit my mood of the day.

7. How would you describe Hillwood to someone who knows nothing about the school?
Hillwood Academic is a school with a small student population. Because of that, each student gets individualized attention from the teacher. This enables them to develop more academically, mentally, and emotionally. Students are more able to voice their opinions and have a better realtionship with the teacher, who in return, are able to recognize each child's weaknesses and stronger fields more quickly. The school director, Eric Grantz, is dedicated to nourish each student that attends Hillwood. He has hired a trusting and equally-dedicated staff who also wants the best for each student. Because the school takes place in the Grantz's home, school hours often feel like we're still at home and has a family atmosphere.

8. What are the three best things about Hillwood?
At Hillwood, everyone feels like family. The small classes allows older students to be good role models for younger students and lets them have a "sibling" relationship. Also, I like that the teachers can recognize my strong parts and weaknesses academically and personally. With such small classes, a teacher can concentrate more. There is no peer pressure whatsoever. At most big middle schools, students tend to turn towards bad decisions (ex: drugs, parties, smoking, fornication) because of others teasing and the "What's Cool" list. The students at Hillwood are observed closely for behavior so none of this happens. Also, students here develop good relationships with other students. Good friends don't force us to do stuff right? ;)

9. Make a prediction for twenty years out: We'll have a man and woman on Mars? A new solar system? National health care? Some type of crazy technology?
Of course in twenty years, everything will be more advanced. My imaginations spins to digitalized computers/laptops (where the screen floats and it is touch-screen), more hybrid cars, definitely cloned humans, and much more. Scientists are already studying a lot of aspects of lives such as the human body, reproduction, the brain, etc. All I can say that the future is unpredictable. The world may end. There may be more wars. All continents will form again. New speices of animals. Who knows? A few things I won't be surprised to see will be Julien G.'s face on some sports newscast and Brigette W. as the next top artist.

10. How can we best include the lower-grade students in the yearbook?
Definitly pictures. They record the past year's memories and have familiar faces. Class pictures, field trip pictures, school gathering pictures. Some other ideas are contests, awards, recently accomplished, and pictures. There can be pictures from Halloween, the Christmas Party, Pajama Day, trips to the local park, etc. Also, remember to include a small mention of the Best of the Bay video about Hillwood.

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