Friday, March 19, 2010

Zachary Lieberman: An Artist's Biography

Zachary Lieberman is an American artist and software programmer. He combines computer graphics with human computer interaction. He recently helped a graffiti artist named Tony Quan, who was diagnosed with Lugarics disease. He created these glasses using cheap glasses, copper wire, IR LED's, and a micro CCD cam. This allowed Tony to project his Graffiti on the walls of buildings. “That was the first time i’ve drawn anything since 2003! It feels like taking a breath after being held underwater for 5 minutes.” –Tony Quan aka Tempt One.

Zach also created this car font where he hired a stunt driver to drive a smart car around and create letters using computer graphics. One last thing that Zach created is "Drawn," where he draws pictures that come to life.

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