Friday, March 26, 2010

Hillwood Yearbook Publishing Ideas

Some ideas for our yearbooks include:
~The Stock Contest for 7th to 8th graders; write down the chosen stock companies
~A staff page with names, ages (optional), position at school, and something personal about them
~Graduating class and attending high schools in fall semester; include names, ages, etc. under picture/photo of student
~Kindergarten graduating class. Include photos of field trips, events, etc. on page.
~Achievements for "Person Who Read Most Books," "Honor Roll," "Best Halloween Costume," "Most Athletic Person," "Top Student in Blog Class," etc.
~List of Top Field Trips
~Favorite Singer/Movie Star
~Muir Woods Overnight
~"Traveling Around the World" page where kids can send in articles about going on vacations
~Ideas of summer activities
~Favorite sports and games
~Funniest moments in each class
~Most memorable moment in each class
~Book reviews
~Favorite lunch at Hillwood
~Favorite pet/animals
~Top books read in class this year
If you have any more ideas, please comment below =).

Credits go to Irene, Brigette, and Anya


  1. I would tell a funny story in my life or a scary story in my life.

  2. Say your nickname, pet, or favorite type of animal.