Friday, February 19, 2010

How Well Do You Know The World?

Have you been to lizardpoint? Lizardpoint is a website that tests how well you know your maps.

Rubina H. helped me with a few of the tests. You can pick easy (the oceans and continents with 12 questions) or hard (Russia with 85 questions). I also tried USA with Rubina, and we got a score of 90 out of 150. When I tried World Oceans and Continents I got a perfect score of 36. On the top left corner of this blog post is a picture of the world.

How you take the quiz is: First, you pick what type of test you want. Second, you take the test by reading the question then clicking on the map where you think the place is. You then click next question last, and soon you will see your final score. Enjoy!

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