Friday, February 26, 2010

Dante's Inferno: The Game!

The poem by Dante Alighieri, called Dante's Inferno, has been made into a video game also called "Dante's Inferno."

This game is about a worrier from the 14th century, and he has to go through the nine circles of hell to save his love, Beatrice, from Satan. This game got a 9.5 review score from IGN, a game rater. As you go through the nine circles of hell, you battle monsters, beasts, and condemned souls.

Dante Alighieri lived about 700 years ago. He was a poet and Italy despised him for what he wrote about. He loved a women who he grew up with named Beatrice and she died very young, and she is the person who you are trying to save in the game.

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