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Friday, January 22, 2010

NASA Creates Designs for Personal Flying Suit and Pictures of Space Suits from Past and Future

NASA announced that they are working on a flying suit. They are calling the suit "Puffin." They call it "Puffin" because it will have a wingspan of 14 and a half feet, and it will be 12 feet tall and at a weight of 300 lbs.

The suit isn't really a suit but a flying machine that you wear. Unlike a jet pack, it covers your whole body. It is powered by an electric engine, quiet, and lightweight. It also has a low impact to the environment. We should get rid of cars and just have these.

Artists are working on futuristic space suits. The man in orange is wearing a launch and entry suit. The man in white is wearing a space walk suit.

Photo and source credits: NASA

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