Monday, January 25, 2010

The International Photo Contest

Are any of you out there who are interested in photography? If you are, I think it would be a great idea to check out this International Photo Contest held by The National Geographic.

The National Geographic has held an annual International Photo Contest for four years. Each year, people from all over the world such Italy to Japan, all send in photos that they have taken. Additionally, you can also mention people who have taken photos in the contest. There are also three categories of winners: Worldwide, English Edition, and English Edition Viewer's Choice.

The winners in the Worldwide section include ............. Debra Jansen in the US, Gemma Collier in New Zealand, and Laurent Mercey in Great Britain. Their pictures were unique and had great quality. The winners in the English Edition section include ......... Eve Wolf, Christopher De Bruyn, and Casey Johnson all in the US. You can view more winners at this link.

Sources from The National Geographic Website

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  1. Great -- and early post! What about adding some photos to your story? I bet readers would love to see some examples.