Friday, January 15, 2010

Earthquake Leaves Haiti in Ruins, But People Are Moving to Help

There was a big earthquake in Haiti earlier this week.
Haiti's president,who survived this horrible happening, said that he had no idea where he would sleep. Schools, hospital, and prisons collapsed. Many people who were bloody squatted on the streets because their houses had been taken down. The people of Haiti had no idea how many people were injured or killed in the terrible happening. But people were sure that thousands have been killed or injured.

The Haiti earthquake was 7.0 magnitude. Lots of people were not even found in the wreckage of their own houses. Hillwood does fire drills and of course earthquake drills. Hillwood has a earthquake drill once a month. This Haiti earthquake was horrible and one woman is losing her 4 year old child because of the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that happened in Haiti.

The United Nations was sure that sixteen of the nine-thousand peacekeeping troops and police officers in the country had died in the earthquake eleven Brazilians, three Jordanians, one Anrgentine and one Chandian.

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