Friday, January 29, 2010

The CBBC Press Pack — for The Herald?

The CBBC Press Pack has been around since 1992 and it mainly revolves around newscasting for teens under the age of 16. You can make an account on their website and you can earn points for doing a variety of games on the website from a journalism tutorial to Headline Grabber.

Members are allowed to send in a report to the CBBC website and it will be read by kids all around the world. Kids have written about autism, Harry Potter and appendicitis . Along with reports and news, members of the website can also send in videos, photos, and film ideas.

I think the CBBC Press Pack is a great website for kids who are interested in news reporting and online publishing. It teaches about journalism and has educational games which helps kids and teens brush up their skills in the verbal and written area.

The Hillwood Herald is capable of sending in reports to this website. We can send in interview videos, a few of our posts, and some photos. It can attract more people to our blog.

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