Friday, November 6, 2009

Exploratorium Time Line

The Exploratorium has this cool thing called the "Time Line."

The photo with the fly in it inspires me because it is gross, but not only that. Also because the fly is interesting to look at up close.

Look at it's wings, they are almost transparent. Actually they are transparent. This fly must be very small. Don't you think so? It's eyes are red. I think it is a fruit fly, and it has little hairs on it's body that are called bristles.

This looks like some type of gas.
It looks like a gas fireplace inflating. It looks cool but it also looks too artificial. It doesn't have that look of natural causes in it. It has all of those colors in it that mix perfectly fine. The orange,purple, and yellow mix perfectly. The blue and green mix together too.

These are like some type of sea weeds. They are probably very fragile.
They have that look of a very brilliant picture drawn by a brilliant artist. They also look like they can be eaten (by fishes, of course).

Writen By: Rubina H.

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