Thursday, September 17, 2009

Scrabble-Lovers, Let Me Introduce You To DeepLeap!

Are any of you Scrabble-lovers? Well, here's a new game ... DEEPLEAP! DeepLeap is exactly like Scrabble except, you have to be fast. Mentally and physically. When you open the game link, beware. There is no start button nor a pause button. It just starts automatically.

DeepLeap requires the players to have a large vocabulary and to be a fast typer. There are nine tiles and each one will turn red in about ten to fifteen seconds if you don't use it. When I first played this game, I was annoyed to be honest with you. As I've said above, there was no pause or start button and it starts automatically ends after you use 75 tiles. My highest score would probably be around 550.

But, my favorite part of the game was that it listed all the words i typed in along with how much points it's worth in a straight line right below the game. That was helpful for me so I knew which ones are already done. Also, you hvae more tiles. In Scrabble, you only got about 7 tiles of letters.

Hehe. As you look at the picture in this post, it states that this game is a "fast-paced time wasting game." It can pass time quickly for one who needs something to look forward to or just wants to play a game. It's definitely not a time-waster since it can improve your language a little.

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