Friday, September 25, 2009

How Different Groups Spend Their Day?

People spend their time working, watching TV and movies, sleeping, and household activities. Unemployed people do lots of household activities, watch tons of TV and movies,and spend lots of their time sleeping. 15-24 year olds spend 25% of their time studying, another 25% of working, and spend half of their time sleeping. 25-64 year olds work,eat and drink,and they also watch TV and movies. People ages 65 and over spend most of their time watching TV and movies, doing household activities, and sleeping.

The image show is an "infographic," or slang for "informational graphic." An inforgraphic can be any map, chart, or diagram used to show an event, object or place. This infographic from The New York Times is made with a computer program called Flash. Flash is program for creating interactive features for websites. You can click on it and different thing will happen.

By Samantha Z. and Rachel N.

Photo credit: The New York Times

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