Friday, September 11, 2009

Commentary: My Take on President Obama's Speech to Students

As I was watching Mr. President Obama's speech on C-Span, I was once again taken aback by the way he has inspired millions of people at a time (including myself), but in this case, his audience was the students of America. I stared at the television, concentrating, trying to digest every word he said.

He didn't talk about health care, immigration, or something else like that. He talked about how we as students have certain duties at school and for school. These duties are to take responsibility for your actions, to always try your best, to never give up. If you do give up and quit school, you're giving up on your country, one less person that could lead us throughout the 21st century.

As for teachers, their jobs are to guide and to inspire students, to help students reach their full potential. The government, to provide the tools and supplies to set the high standards necessary to live in the real world.

As an eighth-grade student at Hillwood Academic Day School, I am very much looking forward to college and to hopefully get a career.

By Brigette W.

Watch Jacob M. interview Brigette about her story.

Video credit: Zack O.

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  1. Brigette, this is wonderfully well put. Your story is a real pleasure to read!