Thursday, September 3, 2009

Back-To-School Get Together? Check!

It's back-to-school time folks! Hope all your summers were good. As you know, Thursday, September 3, was the Back-To-School Get Together for fellow Hillwood parents. Many of them attended and got to know one another.

At the get-together, there were many new ideas to contribute to Hillwood. One of which is the Hillwood Afterschool Program. For the Fall semester, Hillwood is offering afterschool program activities with Ema's dad, Murat, in charge. The program includes karate, soccer, gynastics, yoga, and creative drama. These activities are available to all children, kindergarten through eighth.

During this get-together, we ate many foods. There was hot dogs, chicken wings, chow mein, cookies, chips and salsa, and many varities of drinks from red wine to just plain water. I'm sure everyone had a full share! The food was delicious!

Well, just wanted to give a small update. Hope you all had a great summer and have another fun year during your new school year! Bye.

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