Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Herald gets Wired with Hillwood Alum Tony Long

A link to the past. That is what our school Hillwood is to many, especially those who go here and have been here.

Today The Herald interviewed Hillwood alum and Wired.com copy chief, Tony Long. We asked him about his journalism and the field. We asked many questions that we all got great answers from and we also got exceptional advice about writing, journalism, and modernizing the reporting world. We also reminisced about his time here at Hillwood and what he took away from it.

Tony was here at Hillwood from 1957-1965, and in fall of 1965 his family moved to Los Angeles, where his dad took a job at The Los Angeles Times. He went to Cal State Fullerton, where he studied journalism. Tony also worked at the L.A. Times, and one of our home papers, the Examiner, where he worked for 17 years. Now Tony works at Wired, where Herald advisor, Laura Moorhead, used to work.

It was great to have him visit our classroom. Tony spoke to The Herald for about an hour, and he talked about the memorable friends he made, the life lessons that he learned, as well as the day that Mrs. Libra, the school's founder, came into his class crying, saying that President Kennedy had been shot and that the students could go home to their families.

Below are two videos, part one and part two of the interview. Also, here's what The Herald staff had to say about the interview:

Credits: Zack O. filmed the interview, and Irene X. took all of the photos.

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