Friday, May 1, 2009

Irene's Words of Advice: Kindergarten to First Grade

Welcome to the Hillwood Herald! Today I will be talking about ............ the kindergarteners and 1st graders!

My little sister, a present kindergarten student , is taught by the lovely Miss Sybil Dawson. Along with 5 other students, they are learning about various subjects : math, reading,social studies,and phonics. On Wednesays, there's music (singing), on Thursdays there is Spanish(teehee, a foreign language), and on Fridays we have art (there's always fun in that).

The little ones wear uniforms just like everyone else. Our basic uniform consists of skorts or skirts (girls), navy blue pants, polos, blouses, and forest green cardigans. The Grantzes have also designed Hillwood t-shirts , caps, hoodies, and pullovers. On the first Friday of every month , there is free dress. Just like the event says, the students can wear anything they want (within reason of course). On International Day, we celebrate our heritages and can wear out native clothes.

In this class, the grades are from kindergarten to first grade. The kindergarteners don't have report cards although the first graders do. Both grades get their month's work sent home at the end of each month. The kids' ages range from between 4 1/2 - 6. I bet they can't decide which is their favorite lunch since it consists of a variety from the classic pb&j sandwiches to the elegant meal of cream of chicken.

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