Monday, February 9, 2009

Opinion: My View of the President's Speech

Student Assignment
Brigette W.

On Tuesday, September 8 — the first day of school for Hillwood students — the President addressed the country's students by video. What did he tell students? What did you consider the most important parts of his talk?

Although this is an opinion article and not a news article, you will want to briefly set the stage for your post by telling some of the background. You will only need one to two sentences to do this. Also, answering the five W's will help you do this.
  • Who: You
  • What: You watching the Obama speech
  • When: During what class? What time?
  • Where: Hillwood
  • Why: ?
Remember, you are giving people your opinion -- what did you find most important or most interesting about the President's speech and why? Other questions to consider:
  • Is President Obama inspiring you to do anything?
  • Is he challenging you to do anything?
  • What do you believe are the challenges of your generation?
  • How can you be a part of addressing these challenges?
Link to the transcript -- or words -- from the Presidential address. The page is here.

Embed the Presidential video in your blog post.

Brigette, you will be interviewing the other students with this assignment about their stories. After you finish writing your story, come up with three to five question. You will ask each student one question.

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