Sunday, February 15, 2009

From India to the US, Anime Rules

Assignment: Bridgette
One of the nicest threads that came out of our talk with Zara was the anime connection.
Write a brief story about how The Herald staff interviewed Zara. After you introduce the situation, write about Zara's feelings toward anime and how you two, in particular, discussed the artform.

You will also need to explain to the reader what anime is. In doing this, you may also want to explain what manga is and how the two are different.

Use this image or one similar to it to show the different anime styles. (Remember to credit your source.)

Also, do you have an anime drawing that you've done with you today? If so, I would like to scan it in as part of your story. If you don't, could you bring one in on Monday and send it home with Oliver?

Photo credit: Wikipedia anime entry.

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