Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Fun Example of Stop Animation

Student: Jay

What is stop-animation video? Watch Pac-Man Stop Animation, a super-geeky Web video and an homage to the yellow man, for a quick example. The movie employs a movie theater and about a hundred gamers in monochrome T-shirts. By planning well and sitting very still, they’ve been able to replicate a full Pac-Man game, complete with a maze, ghosts, fruit and a hilarious a cappella soundtrack. On one level the movie looks a lot like people in colorful shirts sitting in a movie theater, yet it’s amazing how this performance also deftly captures the feel of 1980s graphics. It turns out that stop animation is an apt analogy for video-game animation, except here the students replace pixels, and the theater your favorite tube television.

Your article is really about stop animation — what is it and how does it work? Include the video below and up to four images as an example of how it works.

Source: VSL

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