Friday, January 12, 2007

Sugar as a Heartbreaker for Teens?

Assignment: Jennifer

For the most part, we all know that too much sugar isn't good for us. But NPR reports on why too much sugar, especially in drinks, might be especially bad for teenager's hearts later in life.

Write a news story explaining this report. You should answer the five W's of a good news story, as well as the following questions.

  1. Who reported this story?
  2. Who created the report that this story references?
  3. What is this story about?
  4. When was this story first reported?
  5. Where did the story take place?
  6. Why does it matter to Herald readers?
  7. What is the connection between sugar, teenagers, and their hearts?
  8. What is "added sugar"?
  9. What other names, or pseudonyms, does "added sugar" go under? Why is it good to know these names? (Hint.)
  10. What can teens -- or anyone -- do to avoid too much sugar in their diets?

This week, your goal is to write at least 15 solid sentences and include images. Have Ms. Moorhead review your post prior to publishing.

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