Saturday, January 6, 2007

Review an Interactive Music Video

Student: Alysen

It took Masashi Kawamura just over a month to design and code the Web video for “Mirror”— a new song by a Japanese band called Sour. Kawamura funded the project via Kickstarter—it cost just $5,000 to make—and launched it last Thursday.

Use Safari to see the video (which really is a mirror of sorts). According to one report on VSL, the video is a lot more impressive if you grant the program access to your Facebook and Twitter accounts and Web cam: "The things you’ll see actually do refer back to Sour’s lyrics (which are really very sweet). But they’ll also renew your sense of just how surprising the Web can still be."

Write a news story about Kawamura (who is he and where was he raised?), and what do you think of his video?  How does it make you feel and think about the web and community? How do you think Kawamura made this video?

Remember to include links, images, and credits in your article.

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