Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday's Assignments

This week, we begin writing our articles for the Hillwood yearbook. Once we finish our yearbooks, we will return to the Build Big Contest.

Click through a few pages from last year's book. What might we do differently this year? Who will design the cover?

Here is our current list of assignments and story ideas:

1) Rubina:
• Miss Schmitt and music at Hillwood
• Miss Lydia and Spanish at Hillwood

2) Anya:
• Zach, Hillwood's mascot and friend
• The Grantzes
• Lindsey Z.'s secret philanthropy organization

3) Nikita:
• Jessica and science with the upper-graders
• DESIGN SQUAD Challenges

4) Jay and Erion:
• Miss Tom and the second to fourth graders
• Miss Dawson and the kinders and first graders (include the big news of Miss Dawson's engagement)

5) Angela
• The Hillwood Herald
• Rubina's mom and art at Hillwood

6) Jennifer
• Fundraisers at Hillwood (Pennies for Patients and the Walk-a-thon)
• The December Talent Show

7) Faryn
• International Day
• Camp Hillwood

8) Zeke
• Hillwood's outings in San Francisco, from Beauty and the Beast to protesting fast-food in the city
• Big current events from throughout the year (Japan earthquake, what else?)
• What is the typical day like at Hillwood?

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