Friday, January 27, 2012

State of the Union speech

The State of the Union speech is presented by the president to the U.S. congress. The address reports on the condition of the nation and the president's legislative agenda. Luckily, the American people can watch  his speech in many ways like, watching videos and T.V.

A lot of work goes into the State of the Union speech, as the following video will show you. The president edits the speech, and writes a lot of it himself. For more information, watch this video.

Household Pinball

Joseph is an inventor who makes Ruth Goldbergs. A Ruth Goldberg is a machine that does a simple task in the most complicated way. Joseph got inspired to make Ruth Goldberg after watching several YouTube videos. Joseph uses household items for his Ruth Goldbergs. It is hard to explain how they work, so just watch the video.

Asking Questions on Whitehouse YouTube Channel

On the White House YouTube channel, people are asking President Barack Obama questions about different subjects related to American Politics. People may ask questions about the economy, the war, education, and more. I have asked question including: How are you planning to end the war? and Why are you putting so much money into the war and taking money out of school budgets, and now teachers are getting fired because of this? In this economy the last thing people want to do is go to private school when they cannnot afford it? Also, I have asked, is anyone planning to help stop Global Warming, or is money more important then the lives of the entire human race?

Take a Tour of the White House

Today , I am going to write about a website where you can take a tour of the White House. Once you get to the website there is a diagram of the White House and there are red squares at parts of the house which you can click. Once you clicked the red square, there is a big square that pops up and there is a recent picture of the place. Under the picture there are words that tell you who or what are in the picture. To the side of the picture is the name of the area and some information about it. Near the top of the page is a smaller diagram of the white house that shows different sections of the White House. You can click on one of the sections to go there.

There are also pictures and videos you can look or watch. You can also look up something about the White House you want to know and there is a list of information about the White House or what is in it.

I would recommend to go to "The Administration" because it gives you a brief summary of some people in the White House such as Michelle Obama. It tells you a bit of what they did before being in the White House.

Happy Birthday!

Today, January 27, 2012, is Mozart's birthday. He was born on January 27. 1756. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a great, prolific composer. He wrote many operas, symphonies, clavichord pieces, and one requiem.

Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart was the son of Johann Georg Leopold Mozart and Anna Maria Pertl Mozart. Mozart's father was training Mozart to be musician since Mozart was born. Leopold himself was a German composer, conductor. violinist and teacher.

The portrait is of Leopold Mozart.
The manuscript is of Mozart's Requiem Mass in D minor. Anyway, today is Mozart's birthday and if you turn on the classical channel, you will hear that Mozart is playing.

The manuscript is
of Mozart's Requiem Mass in D Minor.

Happy Birthday!

Written By: Rubina H.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Sites Protest Against Sopa

Many of your favorite sites, like Google, Wikipedia, and YouTube, were protesting. Wikipedia even went as far as shutting down for a day. Regular Joes protested in the streets, while the sites protested by posting signs of protest on their sites all over the world. Which one do you think was more effective?

Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) is a U.S House bill designed to stop online copyright abuse. Copyright abuse is when any type of media is used without permission. There are two sides to this story. One side — the side that dislikes the bill (Wikipedia, Google, and YouTube) — think the bill is to extreme and think it will prevent the public from sharing ideas and innovating. The other side, including companies like Disney and Magazine publishers like the bill because it protects their creative work.

The following Khan Academy video explains more about SOPA:

A Wordle

By Asiana D.


The SF Opera is putting a production of Rigoletto by Guiseppe Verdi.

Rigoletto: Zeljko Lucic/Marco Vratogna
Gilda: Aleksandra Kursak/Albina Shagimuratova
The Duke of Mantua: Francesco Demuro/ David Lomeli
Maddalena: Kendell Gladen
Count Monterone:Robert Pomakov
Spatafucile:Andrea Silvestrelli
Kendell Gladen sang Carmen in the SF opera.

Nicola Luisotti will conduct.
Written By: Rubina H.

My Wordle On Hillwood

The squirrel monkey stolen from the S.F Zoo

Sean Walsh, Kenneth Henry and Cheney Wash stole a squirrel monkey from the S.F zoo at 11:30 a.m on Sunday. The three men stole the monkey by trespassing. Whether the zoo is open or not trespassing is "uncommon" said spokeswoman Lara La Marca. She also said "who wants to climb a fence and risk hurting themselves" and getting sent to the police by our security? Sean and Kenneth were sent to county jail because they didn't have any identification on them. The S.F zoo has 24-hour security. The squirrel monkey Banana-Sam was taken on December 29, 2011 Found on December 31st in Stern Grove Park safe and sound and a 5,000 dollar reward was given out.

By Asiana D.

Joe biden Came to Town

Joe Biden came to town to predidcting that the new york giants will win the Super Bowl
instead of the San Franscico giants. Biden is the Vice President of the United States. Biden then said he mistaked the New York giants for the sf giants. What he meant was the sf giants. He was speaking at the Bently Reserve. There was about 110 people.When Biden made his mistake he had heard boos and acted quick to correct himself. Biden was with his wife while this was happening.

Cosi Fan Tutte in SF Opera!!!

The SF Opera is putting a production of Cosi Fan Tutte in the next season. Cosi Fan Tutte is an opera by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Fiordiligi: Ellie Dehn
Dorabella: Christel Lotzsch
Despina: Heidi Stober
Ferrando: Francesco Demuro
Guglielmo: Philippe Sly
Don Alfonso: Marco Vinco

Ellie Dehn sang Donna Anna in Don Giovanni and Countessa Almaviva in Le Nozze Di Figaro in the San Francisco opera. Marco Vinco sang Leporello also in Don Giovanni. Heidi Stober sang Susanna in Le Nozze Di Figaro after Danielle De Niese.

Conducter: Nicola Luisotti
Director: Jose Maria Condemi
Production Designer: Robert Perdziola
Chorus Director: Ian Robertson

Libretto By: Lorenzo Da Ponte
Written By: Rubina H.

A satellite has been taking pictures of a new island that is 40 miles away from Yemen. By January 7 it became 530 by 710 meters. The satellite first started taking pictures on December 23. The island that still has not been named is the first permanent new island since  an island made in Iceland in 1963. The new island in the Red Seas is part of a chain of islands called Zubair. The islands of Zubair are small, dry, and hot. One person says that they believe that people might even the tour the island.

Susan Graham Sings In Berkeley!!!!!!

On January 14, 2012, Susan Graham had a performance. She sang different composers. Mignon was one of the composers.

For those of you who read my post about Frederica von Stade and her recital at the Herbst Theatre, you remember that Susan Graham was singing there along with Frederica von Stade, Dame Kiri Te Kanawa and other famous singers.

Jake Heggie was the pianist and the composer. Susan Graham sang one of his songs on her recital.

Susan Graham also sang in Xerxes in the SF opera.

On the recital, she had a list of songs and arias in her program but then she sang a few more songs, telling the audience about the songs that she was about to sing.

Written By: Rubina H.

Does the background matter in a picture?

Friday, January 6, 2012

Old S.F.

Today I went to a website called Old S.F where you find your location when you have found your street, boulevard or avenue you drag the person on the top left corner and drag it to the location.After you have dragged the person you will see a lot of streets then you click on and it will show you the picture after that you click the arrows to what area you are going to! Please go to

Asiana D.

Making a Book Is Harder Than You Thought

Making a book is harder than you thought. It's not just a bunch papers with writing you staple together. In the first video you have or are about to see the lady talks about how they started making books in 2nd century Egypt to 2011. Notice how they started making the books out of expensive material, and then got cheaper and cheaper but still made more money.

Modern day books go through advanced machines but if you're a worker and the machines don't work guess who's fixing! It's a lot easier making books though. Watch these videos to learn how books were made a long time ago and in new modern times (it's too much work for me to have to explain all this, so watch the videos)!

The Old SF

Today, I researched a website where you can look of pictures of your neighborhood from 1850 to 2000. You can chose which time you would like to look at pictures at. All you do is move the time line and click one of the orange circles. An image will pop up of the neighborhood and say whats its called and when the picture was taken. The more back you go in time, the less pictures there are. You can also look at places from a person's point of view from the ground. You can see the different stores and even look at your own house in 2000. Above are some images from the past.

Which is Which?

Not everybody can decide if the violin is modern or Stradivari. In other words, modern violin or old Italian violin. When people who do not play the violin listen to two violins and have the question: Which is which? placed before them, not everybody can answer correctly.

My friend, Claire, and I listened to two violins. One was Stradivari and the other one was modern. Claire and I answered correctly . . . . . . . alright, I'll admit. Claire plays the violin, but we still answered correctly. If you go to this website, you can read the post and listen to the two types of violins and decide for yourself which one is the Stradivari and which one is modern.

Does anybody know Paganini? He was a virtuoso violinist. His violin is treasured. Nicolo Paganini was the son of Antonio and Teresa Paganini. He was born in Genoa Italy in 1782.
Some people, unlike myself, consider classical music boring and very stupid. I think that classical music musicians should be known by absolutely everybody like Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson.

Written By: Rubina H.

Which Violin is Which

playing martha stewart and friends

Martha Stewart and friends was not that great. It was actually annoying. It was annoying because there was no point to half of everything on there. The games were pointless.
I would improve the games by realating them a little more to the found.Make a cooking game. Make the game look like your the cook.

Scholastic Beta

Today I played around on the scholastic website. I played the games: M.A.S.H, which "predicted your future," Dress The Girls, which allowed you to dress up a girl in clothes of your choice, and Dodge-A-Rama, which allowed you to throw dodge balls at a target.

The website is a Beta, which means they want feedback because the games are still in progress. M.A.S.H was a fun game in which you fill in bubbles around a circle with options like: what college will you go to, what job you will have, and what type of car you will have. I think Dress the Girls could be better with more clothing choices and they should make the girls bald so you can change their hairstyles. Dodge-A-Rama is fun if you enjoy dodge ball or hitting people with flying objects, and though it is not my favorite game, I think it is pretty well made.

The picture in the middle is a picture of Dodge-A-Rama

The picture to the left is a picture of Dress the Girls

The picture to the right is a picture is a picture of M.A.S.H