Friday, December 9, 2011

Today's Talent Show!

Today is the talent show!  This day is full of fun and exciting things to do.  At about 10:30 or 11:00 we will exchange gifts, and Santa's deputy will tell us if we have been bad or good.  Later, after lunch, we will have a talent show, and we will sing Spanish songs and Christmas songs. People will also do their own things or do a solo.  The talent show will end at 2:30. Then at 2:30 until 4:30 parents and teachers will go up to the family room and have a small party.  It will be a very fun day.  Hope to see you there!

By Claire P.

Cagebreak Rats Will Work To Free A Pal

People usually call someone a "rat" when they are not helpful and are giving up on somebody. But according to studies, rats will try to help out a friend in need, not just to have a playmate.

Now, I'm pretty sure I'm not as nice as a rat, but the studies say that rats will help out ONLY their buddies, like a NORMAL human. When they try to free their buddy they will open a trap door that will free their buddy on accident. Soon, they will purposely open the trap door.

In one experiment, Jeffery Mogli of McGill University in Canada made two trap doors, one with the rats' favorite food (chocolate chips), and in the other the stuck buddy in need. They free both in no exact order, and then SHARE the chocolate chips with the buddy they just freed! So that proves that the example of "rats" at the top is partly wrong unless the rat is not your buddy.

That's why they say rats are in a way like humans; they will help a FRIEND in need, but not some random dude, ( or rat! ). So if your family member or friend says "You're a rat!" They're wrong!

By Andre J.

Word Wise Challenge review

Word wise challenge is a word search game online. The game is copyrighted by National Geographic. Word Wise, as a challenge, is a very simple game. There is not that much words to search for. In fact, there is only about ten words. For an fourth through seven grader, the gam may not be fun — or challenging enough — for them. Possibly a third grader my not even like it. The game would be too easy. For kinder through first, however, it might be fun. If you want to play here is the link.  

By Jordyn

Rocket Project Starting

A Russian Soyuz rocket with three astronauts — two Russians and one American — is set to lift off from Kazakhstan on Monday morning, ferrying the men to the International Space Station.

After a month on the station the astronauts will return to earth. The rocket had several flaws and a damaged cargo hold postponing the take of. To find out more about this article click here.

Lunar Eclipse

If you wake up really early on Saturday morning, you might be able to see the lunar eclipse. The moon is going to be three or four times bigger than it usually is because the moon is going to be closer to earth than it usually is and the eclipse will magnify the moon so it will look like a huge, bloody monster.

It will start at 4.45 a.m. and end in 6.57 a.m.

This happens only twice a year. It happened on June 10, 2011.

By: Rubina H.

Anna Netrebko Sings Don Giovanni in La Scala Teatro!

I am back to Don Giovanni. It is like an obsession of Don Giovanni around the whole world. Anna Netrebko, a primadonna in the operatic world, sang Donna Anna in the production of Don Giovanni in La Scala. The La Scala Teatro opened its season with Don Giovanni. The cast consisted of these people:

Anna Netrebko : Donna Anna
Don Giovanni: Peter Mattei
Il Commandatore: Kwangchul Youn
Don Ottavio: Guiseppe Filianoti
Donna Elvira: Barbara Frittoli
Leporello: Bryn Terfel
Mazetto: Stefan Kocan
Zerlina: Anna Prohaska

If you wish to read the synopsis, click here:

You can also see videos of the opera through that link.

Anna Netrebko sang in Anna Bolena, by Donizetti, with Elina Garanca in the Metropolitan Opera in New York.

Written By: Rubina H.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Mozart's Death

December 5, 1791 was Mozart's date of death. For those of you who have no idea who Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is, he was a great composer in the classical era. His full name is Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart. Do not even attempt to memorize that name. Mozart himself signed all of his works as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Look at the picture with the signature on it to get an idea.

Mozart lived to only 35 years. He had one son and a wife. His last opera that he wrote was The Magic Flute or Der Zauberflote.

This is his signature.

Written by: Rubina H.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Frederica Von Stade's Retirement in the Herbst Theatre

Frederica von Stade is one of the best mezzo-sopranos that were born, She retired yesterday, on Saturday, December 3, 2011. You could buy tickets to the Herbst theatre and watch Frederica von Stade and many others sing. The people that were there were Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, (dramatic soprano), Susan Graham, (mezzo-soprano), Susannah Biller,(Soprano), Zheng Cao,(mezzo-soprano), Richard Stilwell,(baritone), and Sameul Ramey,(Bass). Sir Thomas Allen was also supposed to come but he could not make it. Instead of him, Marilyn Horne!

Dame Kiri Te Kanawa is also a world wide known opera singer. She sang and played the role of Donna Elvira in the movie, Don Giovanni.

Susan Graham sang Xerxes in this seasons Xerxes at the San Francisco Opera.

Since Sir Thomas Allen could not make it to the retirement party, SF Opera director, David Gockley read a letter that Sir Thomas Allen sent to Frederica von Stade.

All of the singers there sang something. The accompanist, John Churchwell, was a composer and most of the singers there sang something that he composed. For example, Mr. Churchwell composed a series of songs, based on the poetry that Frederica von Stade wrote herself, about Ferderica's daughter Lisa.

For once in my life, I saw Dame Kiri Te Kanawa in real life!!! I am going crazy right now!

By: Rubina H.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Young App Developer Presents

Tomas Sauzaren is a 12-year-old app developer. After buying an iphone4 Tom  persuaded his parents to buy him the app developer kit. A teacher at his school helped him by funding his study. He created two apps: Earth Fortune and Bustin Jeiber. Later he started an app developer club at his school. Ted now lives in Austin, Texas : he is the world's youngest app developer.

My Animoto video

I made an Animoto video about travel and nature. To make an Animoto video, go to Animoto. com and click on "Create Post." You can choose your pictures, background, and music from Animoto or your own computer. I chose mine from Animoto's website.

The video you are about to watch ( or already watched ) was not made for any specific thing. I just chose ones I liked ( And some were even random ).

You can pay Animoto if you want better quality or even by an app on Animoto called "Full Screen," for a full video. Please enjoy the video and comment ( if you like it )  So go ahead and try whatever you would like! ENJOY!!! ( or don't). Have a nice day.

Fower Power drawing

Flower power is a app to make flowers. You move your mouse around the screen and flowers pop up.  You can change the shape of the flowers that you are drawing with and you can make there be more colors or just black and white. You can also change the can change the change the brightness. you can change the size of the petals.

Deal Ends Crab Fight, Boats Race Out to Sea

In Half Moon Bay, fishermen have raced out to sea.  They did that to get crab.For each pound of crab it will cost $2.25.  "We'll have crab on the market by Wednesday or Thursday," said Larry Collins.  The agreement came out after waiting two weeks for crab.

Half Moon Bay and Bodega Bay wanted $2.50 per pound.  Processers only wanted $2.00 per pound.  Since last year it was a 25 cent increase.  Crab hasn't been cheaper in thirty years. People couldn't have crab this year for thanksgiving.

150 to 180 boats left to go search for crab. Crab has gone up by a lot since the past 20 years.  Nineteen million pounds was hauled in last year. This year 3 million pounds were hauled in.Thats the most that has been caught since 1915.

If fishermen hauled in 19 million more pounds they would have to pay $4.75 million this year.  The season generally ends when there are so few of those crabs that they can't find them and fish for them.  Earlier this year sen. Moreen Evans will make for fishing for crab. That law will come out in1213.

By Claire P.

Get Ready for the Christmas talent show!

Merry Christmas everybody! We will have a Christmas talent show on December 9,2011. We will have a Santa gift exchange and sing Christmas songs.Our Santa's deputy will be Anya J. Mrs Marta will help us serve coffee and cookies. The show will be from 1:30-2:30pm.Ms. Lydia and Ms.Schmitt help us preform a Christmas songs. You will expect Anya J. to play the piano, Claire P. to play the violin, Nikita K. to sing Jingle Bells in Russian and much more!

While all the kids and students play out in the school yard the parents will have their own little party upstairs in Mr. and Mrs. Grantz's home. In the past we have had break dancing, violin, singing and kindergarteners singing as a group. We all hope you can come!

by Asiana D.

More Army Dogs Showing Signs of PTSD

Dogs from the military are showing signs of PTSD, or post traumatic stress disorder. Post traumatic stress disorder is an anxiety disorder that can develop after a traumatic experience, and may result in death.
Military dogs are used to detect improvised explosive devices, homemade roadside bombs.PTSD usually happens in dogs when they are exposed to gunfire and bombs. Most military dogs are German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, and Labrador retrievers.

PTSD causes change in dogs' attitude, causing the dogs to become strangely aggressive with their owners, or they become too clingy and shy. In 2001 there were 1,800b military, but in 2011 there were around 2,700 military dogs. Fortunately, from 2005, only a little more than 50 dogs have died.

To learn more about the military dogs click here.
To learn more about PTSD click here.

Carmen at the San Francisco Opera!

Remember my post about Don Giovanni? Well, new post about Carmen also in he San Francisco opera. Carmen is written by George Bizet. The singers will be:

Carmen: Anita Rachvelishvili/Kendall Gladen
Don Jose: Thiago Arancam
Micaela: Sara Gartland
Escamillo: Paulo Szot

Thiago Arancam sang Christian in Cyrano de Bergerac two seasons ago.
Sara Gartland sang Barbarina one season ago in The Marriage of Figaro.

Bizet's charming opera was rejected when he first exposed it to the crowd. Why? That is the first question that comes to mind. Well, because the main character is a gypsy woman who smokes a cigarette. Now you would hink: What in the world? What is so bad about that?

Well, for that time, a gypsy woman smoking a cigarette was considered a very big shame and was not appropriate to make that
your main character. He died shortly after his opera was rejected. Surprisingly, people began looking at his opera in a different way after the composer died.

Click here

Also you can go to The story of Carmen. If Carme were on Facebook. For Don Jose, they have a picture if Franco Corelli! You can go here and see Fredrica Von Stade and her San Francisco tickets.

Written By: Rubina H.

Occupy LA protesters gather on steps of City Hall

For my current event project I will be writing abo ut how about 300 people in L.A. are protesting. The article did not say why they are protesting. Citizens saw multiple sightings of police brutality. This article dose not have any killings. This all took place in L.A.
A woman named Julia Wallace said "I saw a woman being pushed down the steps, people being jabbed with batons," said Julia Wallace, member of movement's Committee to End Police Brutality. "I saw someone thrown to the ground." There were multiple sighting just like this. There was a man who was hit by rubber bullets that left him with bruising. Most of this article was police brutality.

 This article is very sad because those people were just standing up for what they believe is right (which in this case I thank it is right) they get punished for it. There were many sightings of police brutality before but this is different because they had a right because they work hard and they still get paid less than 1 percent of people. Police brutality is a very bad thing to see because they are here to protect you but they are hurting you instead. People have now started protesting about police brutality around San Francisco I know this because I have seen it before. I hope we can all take a good look at this problem more than ever.

Evolution of Western Dance

Today I will write about a website about the "Evolution of Western Dance". The website shows from 1800 to 2000. It shows the orgins of the dancing or music and shows where it starts from and then goes to. It also shows the locations where they start which are Africa, Trinidad Gtobago, Jamaica and India. There is also a place in India called Goa. There also is Europe and more specific locations such as UK, London, Germany, Belgium, Bristol, and Manchester. The other location is the USA and places in the USA like, New York, Detroit, Chicago, Miami, the southern states like Memphis, and New Orleans.

You can use the mouse to move from 1800 to 2000 so that the website shows arrows starting from one point labeled with a kind of dance and going to different locations and labeling where another dance started.

Hansel and Gretel, San Francisco Conservatory of Music!

The Conservatory of Music has production of Hansel and Gretel. Hansel and Gretel was written by a nineteenth-century composer, Engelbert Humperdinck. The tickets are free but you must have them to enter. To order tickets call, 415.503.6275. Students from the conservatory shall be singing.

Hansel and Gretel? Opera? Those two things do not combine without you asking: Well? What in the world?
That's right! Hansel and Gretel is not only a scary children's story but also an opera!

Written by Engelbert Humperdinck, Hansel and Gretel is a very popular and exciting opera!

This is a performance of Hansel and Gretel that I have been to!

Written By: Rubina H.

Voting Allowed In Egypt

Nearly 10 months ago, the dictator of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, had lost his throne. When the Egyptians finally thought they were free of a dictator, the military took power. The citizens are now allowed to vote for 490-seat People's Assembly, and for the 390-seat upper house. The upper house is who is in main power. The voting started Monday, November 28, 2011, and will end March 2012.

The polls will stay in provinces for two days, which worries some people because the ballots may be rigged overnight. People can vote for the military, the Muslim Brotherhood, or other Islamist leaders in the election.

Literals, leftists, Christians, and pious Muslims who are against mixed religion are voting against the Muslim Brotherhood. More women are voting than men, which is destroying the notion that women should not be as respected as men. The election will continue in multiple stages; different provinces will get turns to vote, two days.