Friday, April 15, 2011

Learing to Draw

At the end of each Friday we draw! Thanks to Rubina's mom, Anna, who volunteers, she teaches us how to draw well. She usually comes between 2:15 and 3:00 and tells us what we are going to draw or paint about. The school now has clipboards so we don't use tables any more but just clip a piece of paper to the clipboard and draw. Anna even has her own website: It's where she shows paintings that she makes. The two images above are images from her website. The first one is called "The Heat" and the one to the right next to it is "Lion for My Daughter". Some drawing's the class liked a lot is drawing teapots and making fans out of rice paper.

Friday's Assignments

This week, we begin writing our articles for the Hillwood yearbook. Once we finish our yearbooks, we will return to the Build Big Contest.

Click through a few pages from last year's book. What might we do differently this year? Who will design the cover?

Here is our current list of assignments and story ideas:

1) Rubina:
• Miss Schmitt and music at Hillwood
• Miss Lydia and Spanish at Hillwood

2) Anya:
• Zach, Hillwood's mascot and friend
• The Grantzes
• Lindsey Z.'s secret philanthropy organization

3) Nikita:
• Jessica and science with the upper-graders
• DESIGN SQUAD Challenges

4) Jay and Erion:
• Miss Tom and the second to fourth graders
• Miss Dawson and the kinders and first graders (include the big news of Miss Dawson's engagement)

5) Angela
• The Hillwood Herald
• Rubina's mom and art at Hillwood

6) Jennifer
• Fundraisers at Hillwood (Pennies for Patients and the Walk-a-thon)
• The December Talent Show

7) Faryn
• International Day
• Camp Hillwood

8) Zeke
• Hillwood's outings in San Francisco, from Beauty and the Beast to protesting fast-food in the city
• Big current events from throughout the year (Japan earthquake, what else?)
• What is the typical day like at Hillwood?

The Hillwood Herald

Each Friday, we write the blog of the school which is by the upper graders. We have it every morning on Friday from 9:00 to 10:30. We are assigned a topic to write about by Ms. Moorhead. We than research the topic and write a post about it. Afterwards we post it and people who read the Hillwood Herald read it! Sometimes. we work together and sometimes we are visited by the Design Squad or other people. We also video each other about the posts we did. Close to the end of the posting, some one tells the rest of the class about their post Currently, we are choosing a partner to work with, and with the partner, we are going to create an over sized design of creations which Adam and Judy talked about in the past. Many important topics we write about is the events that happen at the Hillwood Herald like Walk-a-Thons and Pennies for Patients. Besides doing current events on the computer, we write about them at school on paper as well which we talk about on Friday.


What is a typical day at Hillwood like? It starts with you hanging out with your friends in the morning until 9:00AM when classes start. We normally start with math. In math this week we've been doing positive and negative numbers. At 9:50AM we take a break. After that, if we haven't finished our math, we have to 10:30 to finish it. Then we do literature. In literature we do exercise A and B and we do D.W.S., which stands for Developing Writing Skills. We develop our writing skills by writing sentences. After D.W.S., we have lunch. My favorite lunch is chicken nuggets. After lunch, we go to the park and play games until 1:00. We usually have study hall until 1:45 and we do history until 2:25. If we don't extend history longer we do grammar. Then we pack up.

What was it to be like in Ms.Tom's class

The 2-4 graders were in her class. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders all work on different things. All of them do math but use different books. The 2nd and 3rd graders use the same book but are in different sections. They also have the same workbook. Who? The 2nd and 3rd graders have the sane workbook. The 2nd graders do social studies. When they do social studies, the 3rd and 4th graders do Encyclopedia findings. When the 3rd and 4th graders do history or science the 2nd graders do Dictionary Skills. Ms.Tom writes words on the board for the 2nd graders called Dictionary Skills. They do Spanish on Thursdays. They only go to the park on Fridays. There is an event called the Talent Show. It is an event where you show your talents in front of the whole school. You don't have to do the Talent Show if you don't have to. It was fun in Ms.Tom's class because I was in here class last year. My favorite subjects were math, reading, recess, history,science, and Encyclopedia Findings. Also the 4th graders do Current events. They get the article from magazines. They went to the Beauty and the Beast play with the upper graders.

Holiday Talent Show

This is no ordinary Talent Show... This is Hillwood's Talent Show! From 1pm to 3pm
The Hillwood Annual Talent Show is every year on December 13th. Children who want to perform in the talent show can sign up for it on a sign-up sheet put up a week before the 13th.
The day of the talent show upstairs we start off with some holiday math--we do simple math with the symbols of the holiday, in this case, Christmas symbols-- then go outside or walk around the block. Usually if we're wearing formal and nice clothes including the girls usually wear red and white Christmas dresses and the boys usually wear suits and tied then we walk around the block to not get our nice clothes dirty. Downstairs is the same except instead of math they do crafts.

        Mr. Grantz barbecues hot dogs and we eat lunch outside unless it's raining, which it hasn't done on the talent show for the past 62 years. Everyone could bring they're own sweets, such as brownies, mini cakes, and cookies. Mrs. Grantz bakes her famous cookies and there's punch.

       Then it's talent time! 
This year the kids who announce who's coming next to show off their talent, or MC, were Jay Jaber and Zack Owen-Walkup. The upper-graders (5th-8th) did a popular famous play A Christmas Carol.
     When Ms. Schmitt, our music teacher, came it got really great because of the fun and well-known Christmas songs we do with her. She always makes it even better ( I know, it's hard to believe it's possible). Zack plays classical guitar and Kasama Tillman and Oliver Moorhead-Clarke break-dance. Little Grace Medecki did a ballet dance and Ms. Lydia comes and we have conversations in Spanish. 
That ends our amazing day at the Hillwood Talent Show.
     We run the memories of the great performances through our head and smile. 

Zach: An Old Dog With a Young Heart

Zach is not man's best friend, but child's best friend. Zach is Hillwood School's black labrador retriever. Zach, or as I call him, Zachy, at the time, is almost 14-years-old. Though he does not retrieve, he still follows...well...children.

Before Zach
Before the Mr. and Mrs. Grantz had Zach, the school had another pet dog, Balthasar. Balthasar was a Bouvier DeFlanders, a breed from France.

Baby Zach
Mr. and Mrs. Grantz got Zach, in Vacaville, his name was Chaser, because he would chase children, which he still does just at a slower pace. When they noticed the star on Zach's chest, they renamed him Zacharia Northstar Grantz.

Adult Zach
Now that Zach is a school dog, he literally lives in the school, he gets fed by Claire, a 4th grade girl. When I first met Zach, he was only 6-years-old. He now has a hernia in his right leg, so I guess that makes him a lefty.

Other Pets
When I was in Kindergarten there was a bunny, snake, puppy, and of course Zach. I think of Zach as my own dog, I've known him longer than my own dog. I love Zach so much and he will always be in my heart.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Design Squad Giant Pop-Fly Challenge

Jay and Erion are making a giant pop fly. We got the mini pop-fly directions from the Design Squad website. We will put a paint can, put the wooden board through the handle of the paint can, at the end there is a ball, and when somebody jumps on the other end the ball flies.

Recycled Village

Angela and I, Anya, are going to create a "village" out of recycled materials: soda bottles, little water bottles, cardboard, yogurt cartons, paper, and tape. Our village will have people made out of cardboard and paper, trees made out of cardboard and green paper, houses made out of yogurt cartons, picnic tables will be made out of the tables found in pizza box, and a wind mill whose base is made out of a a soda bottle and the blades are made out little water bottles.

Beauty and the Beast

On Wednesday, April 7th 2011, we went to see the play Beauty and the Beast at Mercy high school. Camila Ascencio played Belle and Adrian Estrada played the beast. Grades from 2nd-6th went to the play.
We could get to the play either by carpooling to and from Hillwood, or we could be driven to the play, by our parents, and carpooled back to Hillwood.

Picture: The cast in crew, circled in red is the beast and circled in purple is Belle.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Mapping America Through the US Census

The census from 2010 had been recorded and put into a multimedia package by The New York Times. If you go onto the website, you can type in your address, city, zipcode, or you can type in someone else's. Say you type in your zipcode, when it finds your zipcode, it shows different colored dots that indicate what different ethnicities live in your area. You can also fnd a different map, and it would show how may people went to a certain school, like universities, private schools, or elementries.

What I found interesting is that in my neighborhood, there are more different ethnicities than simply a white population. I compared my neighborhood and street with Quileuete Street in La Push, in Forks, Washington. There was a HUGE difference between the two streets, for instance. In La Push, there is a population of 1,639 people, according to the 2010 US census. The Quileuete tribe is a Native American tribe that originates in the western Washington state. Which is why there are a 21% of an "other" ethnicity.

Even though this article comes from The New York Times, the source of the article is from the US census. What is also very cool to look at is an article called "America By The Numbers," where it lists a bunch of things like, how many pounds of meat the Untied States ate in 2010, or how many marriages occurred, how much veggies we ate (which is low, eat your veggies!!), and how many men or women didn't rest well in a certain amount of days.

From My House to Her House

Rubina and I went on Google Earth to see the change in population from her neighborhood to mine. My neighborhood had more cars, but not many people walking. Rubina's neighborhood had cars driving, and people walking. You can see how it went by looking at our Animoto.

The U.S. Census

A census is the procedure of systematically acquiring and recording information about the members of a given population. The census is important because census data often affects decisions of national and local importance, including education and support services for children.


Mapping America

Today at The Hillwood Herald we visited Mapping America: Every City, Every block. That's where we enter an address and then the site shows us that street, city, state, etc. The site also shows us the population of the area, and it reveals rivers, lakes and other forms of water. You can even type in a word like feather or glasses and the site would show you a place called feather lane or street.

I had looked up "kitty" and a city called Kitty showed up! I enjoyed searching the city because cats are my favorite animals. This website is educational as well because you can learn the populations of many different areas and the ethnicities of them.

The census helps us because we will be able to know what our population is and how many seats will have to be provided at the Congress by each state. That, in turn, affects things like funding for education and social services -- elements of our life in San Francisco!

The Census of Utah

This article is about the census Salt Lake City, Utah. In the city, there is a total of 11,000 or so people, and the population includes Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, multiracial, and other cultures.

I picked this city because it interested me a lot when I went there 3 years ago. I also picked Utah because to me it's the most fun state ever. The state has a variety of of things to do like hiking, bike riding, horse-back riding, white-water rafting, and fossil digging. When I went there, all I did most of the time was I white water rafting (after all, it was when they had that giant heat wave!). You can find lots of cool things in Utah. I would recommend going there.

US Census Map

There is a site called mapping America. It is on The New York Times website.

You start by typing in your zip code and city. You can also see places you have never been to before. It shows the percentage of the different types of people. The ethnic groups the website shows are White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, and other.

You can look around the whole world.