Friday, December 4, 2009

Obama's Decision to Meet at Copenhagen

On December 7th and on December 18th 2009, 65 of the world's leaders, including President Obama, will meet at the United Nations Climate Change Conferences at the Bella Center of Copenhagen, Denmark. These conferences are also referenced as COP15 (15th Conference of the Parties), the United Nations Framework Convention, or as COP/MOP5 (5th Meeting of the Parties of the Kyoto Protocol).

When our president meets at this climate change summit, he will set a goal for greenhouse gas reduction for the United States. By 2030, we will cut emissions by 42%, by 2050, 83%. Many politicians, American and international leaders alike, are very pleased with Obama's decision to join other world leaders at Copenhagen.

What are kids doing with Cop15? Read Lance's article, which includes a map showing where Copenhagen is located.

Also, keep up to date with this on-the-spot kid reporting from Unite for Climate Change.

Google has a page that is also kept updated daily.

by Brigette W.
Sources: NPR and Wikipedia

Want to join the conversation? Care to ask world leaders a question about climate change? Watch this video and then decide:

Preview of Fantastic Mr. Fox

I just watch previews and reviews of Fantastic Mr. Fox. This movie looks great, they had to stop animation. They took shot 5,229 and 621,450. They used 120 gigabytes a day. They had to hand make all the animals and costumes.

The story looks similar to the book. The book is about a family of foxes and his friends are stealing from three of the meanest and ugliest farmers in the town. The farmers never like this so they set up a bunch of traps, but foxes are slick and smart.

The movie is very similar, it might no be the exact thing but it still has the same plot and story but with some new characters added.I think this is a great movie so see it now.

Ant's Count"

OMG! Scientists have discovered that ants, who are in the desert actually have pedometers in their heads. Which means that they count the steps they take to get to their destination.

Scientists have conducted an experiment that included three ants. One had it's legs cut off, on was left alone, and the last had stilts glued on it's legs. All of them were put at point a. At the end, only the one that was left alone made it to point b.

For more information, watch this video:


Wolfie Goes Home and the Marine Mammal Center

Wolfie is a seal at the Marine Mammal Center who has an infection in his left wrist joint. To help him they had to remove all the dead bone to help him. They solved the problem because a volunteer donated an Agee Wristjack. Wolfie is now healed and uses his bionic flipper to help him slide and swim.

The Marine Mammal Center lets any teenager from 14 to 18 volunteer.

This is a picture of Wolfie and a wild sea lion. Wolfie is the one with the tracking device on the back oh his head.

Watch this video of Wolfie being greeted by a wild sea lion during his release back to his wild ocean home.

Here is another slide show to embed with your story:


Happy holidays from the Hillwood herald. Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukkah.

After this week, The Hillwood Herald will be on vacation until the New Year.

Hanukkah Lantern Card from Nicole Catrett on Vimeo.

Holiday Cards Made by Famous Artists

The Smithsonian has one hundred holiday cards made by famous artists. Only thirty five cards are on their site. The rest are on display in the Smithsonian museum in Washington D.C., where you can visit the exhibit.

Copenhagen and Climate Change for Kids

The Children’s Climate Forum

According to the decisions made by the COP15 will affect children and young people’s lives today and help their world of tomorrow. For this reason UNICEF and the City of Copenhagen has taken action to give children and young people of the world a chance to be heard in the debate by scheduling a children and youth forum in the week prior to the COP15.

160 young Delegates from 40 countries will be representing the young people of the world at the Children’s Climate Forum. They will give their thoughts, ideas and calls for action on how to create a sustainable world for future generations, which is a matter of helping the rights of children in a world affected by climate change. The forum will end in the adoption of a final resolution with recommendations for world action on climate change.

Climate Change and COP15

In early December 2009 the state leaders of the world will come together in Copenhagen, Denmark to talk about climate change and try to find an agreement on how to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. The event is called COP15 (Conference for the Parties no. 15), and the result is very important for the future possibilities for handling the challenges given by the climate changes. Read more about COP15.

Here is a kid's site dedicated to COP15.

For more about COP15, read Brigette's story.

Why Do Leaves Fall?

The reason why leaves fall is when leaves are not functioning. The leaves turn crusty and change their color and become weak. So when a wind comes to a tree most of the tree will fall. The tree actually like throw the leaves. When the days grow colder the tree sends a chemical message to the leaves telling the leaves time to go.

If you like to know more, listen to the audio file from

Caption image: Picture of a leaf cell
Source NPR .org

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hillwood's Annual All-Day Christmas Party

Every year during the merry month, Hillwood throws an all-day Christmas party for our students and families. The day starts off as normal. At around 10 AM, the whole school gathers in the middle room downstairs. The appointed Deputy of Santa (Eighth Grader Brigette W.) comes along with her helpers (Irene T., Julian F., and Julien G.) to distribute presents around to everybody (the presents are part of a Secret Santa Draw we do in class. Will get on to that in a minute). The Deputy of Santa will use her special "reindeer ears" to determine if each student has been naughty or nice for the year by asking questions such as, "Did you eat your veggies this year?" or "Have you listened to your mommy a lot?" The child will respond with (of course) yes to every question and he/she will receive a present sent by an anonymous student. The party is followed by a short break and lunch. Afterwards, the students host a Talent Show with various acts from grades Kindergarten to Eighth. Parents are invited as the audience of these special performances.

Secret Santa
In each class, a draw for Secret Santa is used. The teacher writes each students' name on a piece of paper and folds it. She puts it in a small container and asks one student to come up one at a time to pick one. Whichever person this student picks, he/she has to present a gift for the child with a limit of $10 on the gift. It's fun overall as you try to guess who is going to give you a present and what it will be. Also, it doesn't leave out anybody who doesn't get a gift. During the Present Time when the Deputy of Santa distributes the gifts, each student will know the sender on the tag.

Talent Show Acts
Ms. Gayle Schmitt, the school's music/singing teacher, conducts a song for each talent show (two annually) with each class. The upper graders will be singing "Jingle Bell Rock", Fourth Grader Faryn D. and Jennifer L. will be dueting the Spanish song "Feliz Navidad", and Brigette W. will be playing a lovely tune on her violin. There is always a variety. Last year, Samantha played the hula hoop and played the harmonica--at the same time! Julien G. is also very musically talented. He was in a band over the summer as a singer and he plays the piano. Zack taught himself how to play the guitar while Anya can perform amazing backflips! Everyone has a chance to show off some kind of talent.

Parents Corner
Parents can look forward to seeing their kids perform in the Talent Show and the Parents' Party. Our wonderful staff of Hillwood will be there. They include: Mr. and Mrs. Grantz, Ms. Kathy Tom, Ms. Sybil Dawson, Mrs. Eileen Woods, Ms. Samantha Caine, Ms. Lydia Cortias, Ms. Gayle Schmitt, Ms. Anna H., and Ms. Martha Yow.

Party Attire
Kids can come in fancy-casual dress. No jeans, t-shirts, and graphic shirts. Otherwise, uniforms as usual.

Picture Source: Google Images